Welcome to Danu.

The Kingdom of Deyrnas is no more. The king died and left no heir to the throne. Fed up with the corrupt form of government, the powerful houses broke from the crown. Now several city states are the only form of governance: Bracedon, Haven, Aluthen, Snodon, and White Harbor. Many towns, which once enjoyed the protections of the crown, now lay helpless across the land. Brigands and monsters roam freely.

This is a 4e D&D campaign run by earthwizard. I invite you to write up your character details here.

Guidelines for character creation:
See the page on races for relevant player character info.
A background story that links the character to the world in some concrete way is required.
Use an array provided by the PHB for ability statistics.

This is your new campaign homepage. take a look at the wiki. Many of the people and places are described there. See the map tab for a view of Deyrnas.