Kingdom of Deyrnas

The Kingdom of Deyrnas was in existence for hundreds of years. It was formed by the first King Galad, and was last ruled by King Venitarys.

The kingdom lands extended through the Arbed continent of Danu, being bounded by the Steindorn and Steinarm mountain ranges. The Sea of T’Wind and The Scar separated the kingdom from the other lands of Danu. The majority of the population lived in or around one of four dominant cities: White Harbor, Bracedon, Haven, and Aluthen. Though, other smaller towns can be found throughout the kingdom.

In the Northern mountain range of Steinarm lies the dwarven city of Snodon. It was the only major city of the region that was never part of the Kingdom of Deyrnas.

Other locations of interest include the Denchwold, Lake Dench, the Greatwood, Prenmawr, and Lake Hume.

Kingdom of Deyrnas

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