There is no ‘dominant’ race of Arbed, though some races are found in distinctly small numbers compared to the others.

Humans roam freely throughout the continent and do not call any one city-state home.

Dwarves tend to cluster near the mountain stronghold Snodon, though are not uncommon in the other cities.

Elves tend to live in Aluthen near the Prenmawr or in some of the more rural towns.

Eladrin appreciate the cities more than the rural places.

Dragonborn are a fairly uncommon race, but live in White Harbor and Bracedon the most.

Tieflings are also an uncommon race, as they suffered a similar plight as the dragonborn.

Halflings tend to live in nomadic groups traveling up and down rivers or crossing Arbed on foot. Some settle.

Deva are perhaps the most rare race on Danu. They are seen as divine beings who trace their lineage back to some of the earliest days of civilization on Danu. They are creatures of history.

Gnome – creatures of the fey, the gnomes wander through the Greatwood and Denchwold with a familiar grace. Some have come to enjoy the presence of big folk in the cities. Shifter


Githzerai came to Danu roughly 1000 years ago when the great Astral war forced them from their home plane as refugees. That war also tore asunder the very landscape of Danu, obliterating much of the ancient lands where once great civilizations stood.

Minotaur – many live in Snodon

Wilden – an interesting race that have recently awakened from the flora kingdom. Their presence on Danu is a mystery and as a consequence are treated as aliens in the majority of the land.


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